Two papers presented at international conferences in September

In September 2023, Project Post-Doc Maryna Rabinovych presented two draft papers at international conferences.

Her presentation at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR, Prague, 4-8 September 2023) was titled “EU External Differentiated Integration as a Crisis Response and Post-War Recovery Tool? The Case of EU Response to Russia’s War against Ukraine”. It concentrated on explaining how cooperation and integration structures that had existed between the EU and Ukraine prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion are contributing to the EU’s current crisis response and planned post-war recovery.

The post-doc also took part at the international conference “Core, Peripheral, and Supranational Correlates of the Rule of Law: Emerging Synergies and Tensions”, conducted by the West University of Timișoara (Romania, 29-30 September 2023). The online presentation was titled “EU Enlargement Policy Goes East: Historical and Comparative Takes on the EU’s Rule of Law Conditionality vis-à-vis Ukraine”, It aimed to zoom in on the design of conditionality the EU has applied towards Ukraine since the latter got a candidate country status.

Following the incorporation of comments, papers will be submitted to academic journals.

Sources for images: ECPR,

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