Webinar, UiA-UCU 2022

“Internationalizing Business –Harnessing Norwegian Experience for Ukrainian Companies”

Why does the European Union conclude association agreements with third countries? What is in common between the European Economic Area, where Norway is a member, and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement? Which common challenges do Norway and Ukraine face, when seeking more trade with the EU? And what are the prospects for Norwegian-Ukrainian bilateral cooperation? Are there special opportunities, when it comes to green business and innovation?

Interested in debating these questions together with UiA teachers and practitioners from Norway and Ukraine and getting to know your peers from Ukraine? Take a look at the slides, prepared by specialists in Norway and Ukraine! Though Ukraine is at war with Russia right now, all the data states relevant, especially for the coming post-war reconstruction period.

The webinar was co-organized by the UiA and the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Lviv Business School as part of the Research Council of Norway-funded project “Lowering the Bar? Compliance Negotiations and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement”. The initial programme is available below. Unfortunately, some of the sessions did not take place due to the Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The European Economic Area and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Crowdfunding. How Can Crowdfunding Enhance Norwegian-Ukrainian Business, Cultural, and Humanitarian Collaborations?

EEA and Norway Grants –Platform for Internationalizion of Norwegian Companies

Norwegian-Ukrainian Cooperation
Bilateral trade, Trade Agreements and Future Opportunities

Trade with Ukraine: Export Potential

Internationalization Call for Ukrainian Companies: Competitiveness through Innovation