New publications in September!

In September 2023, Project Team members got two papers published in international peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Maryna Rabinovych and Anne Pintsch (2023) The Eastern Partnership Initiative: Challenges of Assessing Performance and New Geopolitical Realities. International Politics. Online First.
  2. Maryna Rabinovych (2023) The Eastern Neighbourhood and EU Security Policy: A Differentiated Integration Perspective. European Foreign Affairs Review 28(3), pp.223-242.

The former joint paper is the Project Team’s conclusion for a Special Issue on assessing EU policies’ performance, co-edited by Dorina Baltag, Iulian Romanyshyn and Maryna Rabinovych that will be out as a hard copy in early 2024. The aim of the Special Issue is to discuss the theoretical and methodological challenges of assessing the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, impact and resilience of EU policies towards all countries of the initial Eastern Partnership initiative, including Belarus. The latter paper has a narrower geographical and thematic scope, exploring how Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia can be integrated into EU’s evolving security and defense architecture based on existing mechanisms of cooperation between the EU, Member States and third countries in this realm.

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