Project Post-Doc Maryna Rabinovych gives a talk under “Meet an Agder Researcher” initiative

On 9 November 2022, project post-doc Maryna Rabinovych took part in the “Meet an Agder Researcher” initiative, whereby high school pupils and teachers can meet a researcher from the University of Agder and get insights into various topical themes. Maryna’s talk was also part of the outreach activities, conducted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Laboratories of Differentiated Integration” at the University of Agder.

Titled “Understanding Ukraine: War, International Politics and External Relations”, Maryna’s talk aimed to provide teachers of the Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle with background knowledge about Ukrainian history and politics and discuss internal politics and foreign relations perspectives as to the current war. The event was attended by more than 30 teachers and followed by an intense discussion.

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