Project Team Took Part in the UACES Annual Conference 2022 in Lille (France)

Between 5th and 9th September Project Leader Anne Pintsch and Project Post-Doc Maryna Rabinovych participated in the 52nd Annual Conference, organized by the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, which took place in Lille (France).

Dr. Pintsch and Dr. Rabinovych were part of the panel “The EU and Ukraine” with a co-authored draft paper, titled “Revisiting Compliance Negotiations: The EU-Ukraine Association Relations”. Other panel presenters involved Dr. Gergana Noutcheva and Dr. Kateryna Zarembo with the paper “Normative Power at its Unlikeliest: EU Norms, Soviet Legacy and Security Sector Reform in Ukraine” and Dr. Jan Niklas Rolf who presented the work “From Asymmetric to Symmetric Conflict: An Events Data Analysis of the International Response to the Conflict of Ukraine (focusing on the conflict in Eastern Ukraine in 2014-2016, rather than the current war).

Dr. Rabinovych also took part in the UACES non-traditional panel “European Institutional Leadership: Which Integration for Greater Europe”, chaired by Philippe Lefevre (think tank “Institute for Greater Europe”.

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