Project Team took part at the UKRAINETT seminar “Contemporary Ukraine and its Future” at the OsloMet University


On 28-29 November 2022, Project Leader Dr. Anne Pintsch and Project Post-Doc Maryna Rabinovych participated in the seminar “Contemporary Ukraine and its Future”, organized by the Norwegian Network for Research on Ukraine (UKRAINETT). The event was hosted by the OsloMet University.

In terms of the seminar, Dr. Anne Pintsch presented the paper, titled “Great oaks from little acorns grow. How the dynamics of EU-Ukraine cooperation contributed to the EU’s reaction on full-scale war on Ukraine”, co-authored by the Project Team. Post-Doctoral Researcher Dr. Maryna Rabinovych talked about her paper “EU Security Cooperation with Third States: A New Momentum for Differentiated Integration”, co-authored with Hanna Shelest (Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”.

Except for paper presentations and discussions, the seminar served as a platform for debate about the future of Ukrainian Studies in Norway.

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