Project Post-Doc Maryna Rabinovych speaks at the 2022 European Studies Association Conference in Miami

Source: EUSA

On 19-22 May 2022, project post-doc Maryna Rabinovych took part at the 2022 EUSA 17th Biennial Conference in Miami. The European Studies Association is one of the world leading scholarly and professional associations, focusing on the intra-EU integration and EU external relations. This year, Russia’s war against Ukraine and EU’s response to war have been among the key topics of the Conference.

At EUSA, Maryna presented a draft paper, co-authored with project leader Anne Pintsch, with a tentative title “From the 2014 Annexation of Crimea to the 2022 Russia-Ukraine War: Association, Resilience and Socialization in the EU-Ukraine Relations between the Critical Junctures“. She also took part in the hybrid launch of the Routledge Handbook of Differentiation in the European Union, co-edited by B. Leruth, S. G√§nzle and J. Trondal. Maryna’s and Anne’s contribution to the Handbook focuses on compliance in EU external differentiated integration, e.g. the Schengen Area, the European Economic Area or association relations with Eastern Neighbours. Last but not least, at EUSA Maryna was part of a Special Roundtable on “Russia’s War against Ukraine and Ukraine’s Challenge to Europe” together with Milada Vachudova (University of North Carolina), Stephanie Hofmann (European University Institute), Karolina Pomorska (Leiden University) and Juliet Johnson (McGill University). The Roundtable covered multiple interrelated topics, such as the reasons for and nature of the war, the dynamics of EU-Ukraine relations at the wartime, the effectiveness of EU sanctions against Russia and the war’s implications for global security.

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