Opinion piece on the anniversary of Russia’s war against Ukraine out with Aftenposten

Project Team Dr. Maryna Rabinovych and Dr. Anne Pintsch published an opinion piece “Europe must support a quick Ukraine’s victory” with Aftenposten, Norway’s largest printed newspaper. The text of the opinion piece was also republished at the website of the University of Agder.

The opinion piece argues that the European Union, its Member States and like-minded partners, such as Norway, shall support Ukraine’s quick victory for two intertwined reasons. First, trench war with little advancements from both sides and continuing occupation of around 16% of Ukrainian territory gives Putin hope. He may hope that democratic countries will be tired of supporting Ukraine, and Russia will eventually get some territorial advancements following the war. Ukraine’s quick victory, on the contrary, will signify a victory of democratic forces and give a strong impetus to European and Euro-Atlantic cooperation.

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